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A Few of Our Favorite Things

For this special holiday we thought it would be fun to write out some of the things we are in love with/thankful to have!

We hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful, and filled with all the little things that start the magic of the Holiday Season & overflowing with the people you love.

Sveta's favorites:

As it gets insufferably colder, my lips have gotten significantly chapped (It doesn’t help that I bite my lips often) and Burt’s Bees definitely helps to soothe sore lips and keep them as smooth as they can be. It doesn’t hurt that they give a peppermint garnish as well -- Not mad about that at all.

Recently I’ve been looking into how electromagnetic fields affect bodies and how cryals can interact with these fields. As someone who strongly believes in being in touch with the earth and the energy it emits, I have found it valuable to look into crystals -- So I’ve begun a small collection of, diligently wearing them, and trying out different types of crystals.

Heather's Favorites:

1. My heated mattress pad is my favourite physical possession. I look forward to crawling into a warm bed each night rather than ice cold sheets. Heated mattress pads are better than heating pads because they warm the whole bed enough to be cozy, but not burn ones skin off. The dual controller makes my sleeping partner happy too!!

2. Who doesn’t like a neck massage?? This works great. I’ve used it almost every day for a year and it’s still working really good.

Sarah's Favorites:

1. Love Does by Bob Goff. I've read this book multiple times and over and over again it reminds me of the power of love and what it truly means to have love be a verb

2. This cozy blanket from Sam's Club. Seriously. This random purchase one day has become my favorite thing on a cold day in. So soft. So cheap. Get one ... or two.

Jen's Favorites:

1. In the summer time I live for the weekend back-packing trips, this past summer these trekking poles were life savers. I cannot get enough of them!

2. I am obsessed with all things photography, and right now this photographer's work is life. She is so inspirational to me. Plus, she shoots exclusively with a 35 mm lens, and so did Henri Cartier-Bresson. How can I not love her?!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We'll see you guys next week!

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