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Friends: Healing Balm to Our Souls

“Be with those who help your being.” - Rumi, 13th century poet & mystic.

I adore people. I adore watching people’s friendships, bonds, and interactions with one another. Imagine walking into your favorite bar and seeing all your friends laughing together at a table. Now also imagine driving to your best friend’s house. You can’t help but grow a little smile on your face when you think about your friends. We need each other. We need our tribe. We need those late nights laughing together. Friends are the actual healing balm for our souls.

My friend Jodie planned a fun night for some of our coworkers to build and paint some wood palettes for Christmas decorations. Beating the shit out of some wood, eating all the dip, drinking wine, and hanging with your friends is a really great time. During the night, I wanted to be able to capture moments where women were in each other’s company, but also personally reaching for their creativity from their innermost being.

It was so fun watching everyone relax and get into their own little zone while working on the palettes. There wasn’t a drop of stress in the room. Each woman had made the decision to take time for herself & her friends. Magic.

We get so lost in the day-to-day rushing and running around. As Rumi once said, surround yourself with someone who wants to help you find your being. We can forget who we are because of who we have to be at work, school, and at home. We can not lose ourselves to all these expectations that surround us. Take some moments for yourself—without feeling shame or guilt about doing so. You have to honor yourself first before you can give all that love to your people.

“You’ve got to listen to the voice in your gut. It is individual. It is unique. It is yours. It’s called being authentic."- Meredith Vieira, journalist

“No one asked you to be happy. Get to work.” - Collette, writer

“The secret is to have a sense of yourself, your real self, your unique self. And not just once in a while, or once a day, but all through the day, the week and life.” - Bill Murray, actor

“Joy is the best makeup” - Anne Lamott, writer

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” -Jack London, writer

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together.” ― Brené Brown

What are some ways you honor yourself, your friends, and express your creativity? Let us know in the comment section below!

Written & Pictures by: Jenifer Veloso

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