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Have You Heard Us?

Something I have become increasingly passionate about is women having a voice about their stories and lives, including sexual assault & harassment. I have watched countless women be silenced, be told their story wasn't valid, that it didn't happen, and the like. When women are continually denied their truths and experiences, it becomes dehumanizing. It is brain numbing to continue to hear the narrative where it becomes about what we were wearing, how we presented ourselves, etc, in events of sexual assault. Women should always feel safe when coming forward about situations that hold such weight, and we should do all that we can to destroy the negative narratives that deny women the safe place they deserve.


we have heard you,

we have heard your feet as they follow too closely at the fall of dusk -

at the fall of us.

we have heard you,

turn us into your personal feast on the side of the street turn us into 'less thans' and nothings,

turn us into mere flesh and bone for you to rip through.

we have heard you,

as you muffle the mouths of our mothers,

of our sisters,

of us -

we have heard you as you bellow your denials and refutes,

and silence her cries.

we have heard you,

we have heard you loud and clear.

have you heard us?

have you heard our feet scurry at your sight?

have you heard our fists tighten and lungs collapse;

heard our bloodstream freeze as our hearts stop in moment, in time?

have you heard us whisper the 25,000th prayer as you follow us to closely,

because it’s been five blocks and you are only closer.

we have you heard you -

have you heard us?

(please hear us)

please listen - s.p.

Written by Sveta Petty Photographed by Jen Veloso

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