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Local Nurse Michelle Hayes Reprises role in Disney’s Encore! The Sound of Music

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Disney has recently won the hearts of its fans over again! Disney this month came out with Disney+, a channel that features classic and modern Disney movies, cartoons, and shows. The channel also brings some fun new surprises as well. One of Disney’s new reality shows released was Encore! 

Over a year ago, the buzz came out that Kristen Bell was going around the county and re-creating old high school musicals with original casts. The reality show would cover behind the scenes work, relationships, and reuniting of the original cast members.

When the rumors came to Flint, Michigan no one could hardly believe it, especially Michelle Hayes. Michelle was told a recording of her high school’s rendition of “The Sound of Music” had been submitted to Disney. The rumors were true! Not only was the video sent to Disney, but former Flint Central High School’s Sound of Music would be recreated for Encore!

Encore! shows more than just musicals, but it also shows the lives of the cast members. Michelle Hayes is a local registered ER nurse at Hurley Medical Center and plays the magical role of Maria!

Below we have some behind the scenes photos of the filming experience at Hurley Medical Center, at Michelle’s home, and of course photos from opening night! Our team at We Are Kathy loves to celebrate the achievements and dreams of women in our community.

Congratulations Michelle and ‘The Sound of Music’ cast! The show was phenomenal, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the theatre when the last notes of "Edelweiss" filled the air. 

Written and Photographed by: Jenifer Veloso

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