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Mission & Vision Statement

This past month has been wild, hard, and inspiring. We can’t believe all the support we’ve been given, and all the stories we have shared so far.

At our last meeting we (head here to see our about us page) wanted to make an official mission and vision statement that would direct us to our future goals

As a one month celebratory post we want to share our passions with you!

Our Mission Statement:

We are Kathy is a judgement free multimedia platform that empowers, encourages, and inspires women.

Our Vision Statement:

To transform how culture views women of all backgrounds so their voices are heard boldly and clearly all over the world.

We are looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us, and more importantly finding the best ways to inspire our audience of readers. Thank you to everyone who believes in our wild idea.

As a celebration we are launching a contest starting today!

Here are the rules:

On your personal Instagram share a picture of a woman who inspires you, tag us (@werkathy), and tag three other women.

On December 2nd we will announce the winner!

The prize winner gets a We Are Kathy t-shirt! And a copy of “Girl Wash Your Face!” by Rachel Hollis.

Get to it everyone! We look forward to sharing more stories with you and inspiring you all.


We Are Kathy's Editors xoxo

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