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New Year, New Vibes, New Goals

New Year's Resolutions are such a funny thing. I think some people avoid them, some love them, and some are very indifferent about them. I can specifically remember a time when a coworker said to me that every New Year he makes 10 resolutions, keeps track of all the resolutions in a binder, and then he ACTUALLY completes all of them. I remember hearing that and thinking, 'Wow, that's great... I literally can't remember the last time I washed my hair.'

I have recently learned that the more I watch those who inspire me, I find that they set obtainable goals for themselves. I tried out this new skill of making goals last year, and I nearly cried when I realized I had actually accomplished some of them. There is something so therapeutic in setting a goal, and being able to say you have accomplished it! As a group; Heather, Sveta, Sarah, and myself decided we would share a couple of our resolutions for the New Year as a way to inspire ourselves and our readers.

Sarah's Resolutions:

1. Stop following social media accounts and influencers that make me feel not good enough in my own skin. 

2. Read more books that inspire me and encourage me to be the best version of myself. 

3. Eat less foods that make me feel terrible. It’s time to start putting things into my body that fuel me. It’s not about a diet. It’s about feeling ready to take on the day. Every day.

Heather's Resolutions:

1. Plan a vacation and go on it!!

2. Practice being in the moment and enjoy it.

3. Take an art class.

Sveta's resolutions:

1. Set aside more time for creativity and art — I would like to spend more time focusing on my artistry and prioritize creativity.

2. Spend more time taking care of myself. I found myself overwhelmed and exhausted to the point I didn’t feel sane or myself and I want to ensure that I’m being in tune with what I need, what rest I’m lacking and what I can do to better serve myself. 3. Mindfulness — In all aspects. I want to work on being more intentional with my moments and actions. I find myself often in hurried thought, anticipating and anxious for what’s next. I hope to slow myself down and sink into the moments right in front of me. In hand with that, I want to be more aware of what my money is supporting when I spend. I want to be more attentive to what my money is supporting — Support more local, fair trade, & ethical businesses and products

Jen's Resolutions:

1. Travel! There was a time when I was younger where I went to a new place every year. Life changed, things happened, but I am finding my way back to my gypsy soul. (First set of tickets already purchased: See you in Iceland, May 2019!)

2. Nail a double turn on command, at any time.

3. Take a camera with me everywhere I go, see the world through my lens, and tell a story with my pictures.

What about you? What are some obtainable goals you want to set for the new year? What are some changes you want in your life that will grow you and help you give back to the world around you?

Written by: Jenifer Veloso

Picture by: Two Kin Photography

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