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3 Girls, A Subaru, and An Idea

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Written by: Jenifer

Imagine a woman, brave, beautiful, wild, and free. Imagine she could tell you a story, say whatever the fuck she wanted, and do it all anonymously. There are so many women confined to silence because of their role as a mother, wife, teacher, dancer, artist, etc. and there are things we will never learn because of their silence. Some women are liberated by their roles, and for that we are grateful.

Here is a place where we plan on tackling some of the most tangible subjects from the voices of the woman next to you. We will hear their stories, her stories, and our stories. This blog will be a place that under the delightfully fun pseudo name "Kathy" we share our lives and learn from one another.

Each of editors will bring special items to the table; women of history, books of the month, pictures/art, lifestyle posts, and daily blog all discussed in a way to inspire us and create a change within that will infect those around us.

We are excited to get to know you and hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment below on topics you would love to hear women discuss freely, and let us know what has inspired you in some way.

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