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The Art of Window Displays: Local Artist Feature Holly Wright

There is so much art around us that is taken for granted and the artist is often not well known for his/her works. A recent style of art that I have found so amazing is window display art. I wanted to share for today’s blog a local artist who makes beautiful window art. Holly Wright designs and creates her vision for different displays throughout the year for a local consignment shop.

Throughout history several artists have turned to the commercial side to display their art. Dali and Warhol created window displays for different fashion brands during their early careers. Window art displays started with Marshall and Fields Company in 1852!

Since then displays have changed and now strive towards creating authentic narratives that represent the brand well. For example, Holly Wadsworth is a current visual display artist and her previous work for Louis Vuitton is breathtaking.

In 2011 she created a display connecting the brand with their history with the world circus. Remember Houdini? He famously escaped LV impenetrable trunk locks! Wadsworth’s holiday display incorporated trapeze artists, beautiful colors, and iconic LV patterns.

Holly Wright’s greatest personal inspiration comes from seeing Anthropologie displays that reuse materials to create new art. Holly states she tries to do the same and often reuses materials, old displays, and of course consigned clothing.

Her ability to cohesively create beauty with old and new is magical.

Since my interview with Holly I can’t help but notice displays in a new way and wonder about the artist and what inspired this mystery person. I hope you enjoy this small photo story of her and her art displays! This display is themed “Winter in the Woods”. Enjoy!!

Written by and local pictures by: Jenifer Veloso

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