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To all the Strong, Beautiful and Inspirational Mothers: Thank You

This Mother’s Day we wanted to capture mothers with those they love the most in a fun and beautiful environment. Motherhood is only one small part of their lives, but being a mother defines their life in a real and major way. The way mothers look at their children and interact with them shows one of the truest forms of love.

We are thankful to showcase a very small group of mothers we know. Some women brought their children or grandchildren. Others just came as they were, and we loved every minute of our special photo shoot. This Mother’s Day photo story allowed us to simply say 'thank you' to moms.

Women are truly remarkable. This blog is a shoutout to all the women out there who play the beautiful role of being a mother. Moms, thank you for all you do and thank you for letting us be a small part of it.

Their stories. Her Story. Our Story. We Are Kathy.

Rozlyn Kramer: mother of two, emergency nurse, and NPC bikini award winner

"One thing I’ve learned as a mother, especially being one at such a young age, is that selfishness no longer exists. I would rather never sleep or never eat if it meant my kids did. I would and always will try to take every ounce of hurt out of their eyes for the rest of their lives."

Natalie Kadie: nail salon owner, mother of 20-year-old twins and a newborn, and full of life

"Something I always say is everything always works out even if it's not the way you thought or expected it would. When you think back at all the things you freaked out about in the past, you probably wonder why you worried about it at all. It always works out. It worked out the way it was meant to work out. That's life right there."

Sherry McGregor: mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and joyful spirit

"I am very grateful that I have two wonderful sons and four grandsons. I am also very privileged to have my stepchildren and their children in my life. We are a blended family and I'm so grateful they have accepted me as mother and grandma. We are all family and I love watching them all grow up. I am so thankful for them all."

Dani Bassi: mother of three, passionate, and future midwife

"Motherhood is this amazing journey where you lose yourself. In your searching you find yourself in these tiny humans that you created. It’s the most love you could ever give without even trying."

Kat Anger and Fawn Colombatto: mothers of twins, firefighter, nurse, and wives to each other

"[Motherhood is] patience. Feeling more love for another human being than I ever thought possible."-Fawn

"My kids are the best part of being a mom. With great power comes great responsibility. The great power of raising well adjusted, polite, and happy kids. I am lucky to be their mom. I cannot imagine a life without them. They have taught me patience, humility, and to love the small things. I rediscovered my silly childlike side. I have a greater understanding of how kids think. Just because I think it's nothing, it's something to them. Even if things don't go as planned. It can still be the best. Don't expect, just do it. There is more than one way to catch a toad. I didn't even know I wanted to catch a toad until I was chasing butterflies. And many more things. I try to never take them for granted. Enjoy every minute."- Kat

Terri Bates: mother of three, life coach to her children, and emergency pediatric SANE nurse

"The best part of being a mother is the unconditional love that fills your heart. Chiche’ but that’s it."

Natalie Gecele: mother of two, special education teacher, and life giver

"Motherhood has taught me to be flexible, compassionate, accept help, and there is absolutely nothing gained in the game of comparison. Embrace, protect, love, and be so grateful to God for your family, and at the same time be happy and supportive of others. We are strong as ‘moms’ individually, but so incredibly strong as a tribe!"

Lisa MacKillop: mother of a one year old, nurse, and newlywed

"It’s okay to not be okay. Motherhood is hard. And I think moms put this pressure on themselves to be the ones that have to hold everything together. And that asking for help could be frowned upon, but it is the best thing a mom can do. Everything isn’t gonna be okay 100% of the time and that is okay."

Keosha Hardville: mother of two, brilliant creative, and nurse

"I've learned that being a mom means being selfless and making sacrifices. No matter what, your kids are depending on you. You can let them down... but it's well worth it."

Erika Pacheco: mother of two, lifelong company dancer, and nurse

"My children are my one true success in this life of all of the things I’ve done, of all the things I’ve accomplished; my children bring me the most pride. Seeing the amazing humans that they’ve become is a gift I get to open and enjoy every day."

Michelle Moore: mother of two, musical theatre performer, and emergency nurse

"When my children want to snuggle… I just give in. There will come a point when that will be the last thing on their minds. Snuggle long, snuggle hard until you breathe as one."

Tera Hamilton: horse abuse recovery volunteer, mother of three, mother of two goats, and nurse

"Motherhood may be the hardest, most exhausting job that I have ever had. But motherhood is also the most real, raw, and fulfilling love and beauty that I have ever experienced. It satiates your soul and fills your heart. I mean, I have my own personal fan club... and who wouldn't want that?!"

Happy Mother's Day from the We Are Kathy Team!

Photos by: Jenifer Veloso and Sarah Elkins

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