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Inspired: Who We Follow and Why

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” - Mark Anthony

The team here at We Are Kathy is always inspired by the women who surround us. We see them, learn from them, laugh with them, and inspire to be them. That’s why we would love to share with you 10 of our favorite (or our friends’ favorites) women-ran blogs or influencers to follow.

Food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, inspiration, self-help, body positivity -- we have you covered! Thank you to all the wonderful women who shared some of your favorites with us. We are constantly looking for more inspiration and female badasses, so send us your favorites!

Andrea Heuston, award-winning CEO, keynote speaker and author, shares her knowledge and experiences on LinkedIn in blogs often titled “Lead Like a Woman.” Her blogs inspire women to see themselves as leaders, bosses, and inspirations, while giving realistic tips to help us all succeed.

Tiffany Jenkins is the funny lady behind “Juggling the Jenkins.” She has 2.6 million Facebook followers and counting! She is a wife, mother, author, content creator and recovering addict. She is honest, funny, vulnerable and a total mess (and so relatable). Although best known for her funny viral Facebook videos, Tiffany is also incredibly passionate about bringing awareness to mental illness.

This blogger, who earned a PhD, is a professor at UAB with a great fashion blog. She’s also a big advocate for women in STEM. She writes the blog to share my daily outfits, info on amazing deals, occasional recipes and exercise tips. “You see, as a university professor on the tenure track, science and teaching can at times be all-consuming.  And though I love what path my PhD led me to, I also really like to stimulate the right side of my brain. Fashion, is one of the ways I choose do that,” she writes in your bio.

Iman N. Milner is an actress, writer and author. Her blog is real talk about life, relationships, careers, what to start doing and what to stop doing, while taking a deep look into the realities and struggles of the world today. Milner is a Detroit, MI native living and working in Los Angeles. Her career began in Ron Milner's Urban Transitions: Loose Blossoms at the age of 8. She is most known for her work in Love Escapes Us, the film that also won her the coveted ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Discovery Award in 2015. Milner is also the founder of Perfection Is A Myth, an online community dedicated to helping expunge society's impossible idea of "perfection" and where women of color share their journeys to self-acceptance, self-love and healing.

Resha is a food-obsessed recipe developer, Youtuber, personal chef, and home-cook. Resha believes all food is comfort food and food is sexy. Follow along as Resha shares delicious recipes with photos to make your mouth water. Her blog gives you tips and tricks and makes you feel sexy about cooking dinner.

Rachel Hollis is a mom of four and runs Chic Media, which was created in 2014. Rachel is not afraid to talk about how messy and chaotic life is in a real and relatable way. She started the Chic Site after she caught her Thanksgiving turkey on fire. When all women think she has it together, Rachel is reaching out to them to let them know that no one is perfect, even if it seems like it. She is author of a growingly popular book “Girl, Wash Your Face.” Her blog talks about style, work, family, travel, and recipes.

The Budgetnista Blog focuses on women, engages women, encourages women, and helps women be successful financially. Tiffany aka The Budgetnista comes from a family of five girls, so as a financial educator reaching out to women was important to her. She a bestselling author, The One Week Budget (#1 Amazon) and the Live Richer Challenge (#1 Amazon), blogger, speaker, and award-winning teacher of engaging financial education. “There aren’t many sites that financially speak just to us, in a way that’s fun and engaging,” Tiffany say in her bio on her blog.

The photos alone on this blog make you want to jump on a plane immediately and visit a new land. Beautiful. Exciting. Inspiring. The blogger, Gloria, now has made her travel blog a career. She tells the stories of her travels like she’s talking to a group of girlfriends. It’s like you’re in the room with her. And she’s a beautiful badass. “I’m here to inspire others through my journey of being a solo female traveler, pushing the envelope of what’s possible, and creating the life of my dreams through a relentless pursuit and downright hustle,” she says in her bio.

If your passion is music and the world of musical artists, this site is for you! It focuses on women in the music industry, talks about who is making waves, and who is wearing their heels (or grunge boots) and confidence high. It has so many kickass women on one page. You don’t want to miss out.

Kristine is a plus size fashion blogger from Los Angeles. She started the blog in 2013 to show that curvy women can also be trendy. Kristine showcases her favorite style choices, what works for her, and what she finds fabulous. The blog focuses on making all women feel good in their skin and her words are filled with so much energy. “So this blog is a tribute to all of my full figured fashionistas with impeccable style and taste. We are trendy, we are curvy and we are taking over. Join the movement,” she writes in her blog bio.

Bonus Instagram Influencers that are encouraging, real, and amazing: A Body Positive Jazzy (a_body_positive_jazzy) and actress and activist Kristen Bell (kristenanniebell)

Sarah Elkins is our journalist and this is her first post for We Are Kathy.

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