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Why every woman (and man) should watch the RBG documentary

There’s nothing we love more than a strong, powerful, and inspirational woman. It gives the We Are Kathy team life. It gives us hope for the exceptional things we know every woman is capable of. So one evening we knew we needed to watch the RBG documentary. The team -- Heather, Jen, Sveta and Sarah -- had so much excitement as we started the documentary, which shines a spotlight on the exceptional life and career of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You can watch RBG on Hulu and we highly recommend you do. You will not regret it.

At 86 -- and really well before that -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg, developed a breathtaking legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon with women wear earrings, pins and necklaces that match her iconic dissenting collar.

RBG is everything we need in this world. She’s a fighter, she works hard for justice and she does it all with grace and humor.

Below the four us wanted to share with you what we took away from the documentary in hopes that it will inspire you to watch!

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

What stood out most to you when watching RBG?

Heather: What stood out the most to me in the RBG documentary was Ruth’s quiet strength. She wasn’t loud or harsh or abrasive. She was quiet and calculated. She worked her ass off for the changes she’s made to our judicial system, but without the pomp that I often see in movers and shakers. Often women specifically get a bad rap for being angry or “bitchy” when they have strong opinions and ideas. Because of Ruth’s gentle personality I think it’s easier for people to listen to her without getting their feathers ruffled.

Jen: What stood out the most to be was Marty’s love for Ruth. He believed in her more than anyone else did. His last letter to her before he passed, he stated, he would live his life the exact same way and gladly watch her climb to the top of her career all over again. It gave him such great joy. When women are empowered by the men who love them, there is so much energy in that. This spoke to me so strongly because I have been in relationships before where I was told my ideas were ‘stupid’ and I needed to ‘slow down.’ I am in a relationship now where my partner supports me, pushes me, and believes in me. What a woman can do when she is empowered is infinite.

Sveta: I didn’t have an understanding of all the cases she went through to prove the validity of her beliefs. It’s insane that even today we still have to constantly prove the validity that women are enough, that women are equal, and have the capability and potential as anyone else. It was intriguing and empowering to watch her as she constantly battled even after men constantly tried to tear her down. She is the pinnacle of what it means to truly fight.

Sarah: I loved everything about RBG. I remember when I was watching it all I could think of was how Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a sheer force. But she did it in a way that was so full of grace and bravery. She didn’t waver. In the documentary she said early on in her career that “A women’s job, whether at work or at home, is just as important as a man’s.” RBG knew the importance of equality and she was willing to do whatever was needed to achieve it. And she wasn’t just strong in her career, she was an overall kickass woman. In her 80’s after she was recovering from cancer, she was trying to build muscle with a personal trainer! He called her a machine. And I 100 % agree.

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?

We Are Kathy Team: We didn’t know as much as we should have about this incredible woman. Our eyes were opened. One new bit of information that really struck us was how many cases Chief Justice RBG fought for in regards to both sexes being treated equally. She defended men and women. She has created so much equal opportunity throughout history, it is shocking.

Do you recommend the movie?

Heather: I think everyone should watch this documentary. RBG was a person who lived through the feminist movement of the 1970’s which is an important part of women’s history. Women’s history is not just important for women but also for men and everyone.

Jen: YES! Her story is OUR story. The deep current that has filled the history of women’s equality has a direct source to the battles RBG has fought for us as women. The movie is INCREDIBLY inspirational and I think of her story at least once a day.

Sveta: 100%. It’s not only important to learn about our “Her”story but it’s empowering to be enlightened about women who have gone before and walk behind us. This documentary is beautiful, humorous, and an honest, authentic story about a woman who refuses to give up with grace, grit, and courage.

Sarah: Absolutely, yes! What RBG has done throughout her life and career has impacted us all. The documentary will inspire you to stand up for what you believe in. She shows you that it’s possible to make significant change but simply being yourself. You will not regret watching!

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

What is something you would like to share that inspired you about the movie?

Heather: It takes all kinds of people to make life work. Ruth is a person with big Ideas. My ideas often feel small. I often feel like men are the ones with big ideas. It was moving and exciting to see a small, gentle woman with big ideas. A small gentle woman changed women’s freedoms. That’s incredible to me.

Jen: In the movie, Ruth’s mother told her not to waste her energy on useless emotions like anger. That really stood out to me. Chief Justice RBG is so calm, gracious, and to the point when she deliberates or dissents. I can get really riled up about things I am passionate about. She inspired me to remember that I can fight battles, but I can do them with a calmness that can change the tide. Anger does not need to be the fuel that keeps my fire going. Passion, integrity, and poise can be what gives me strength when I stand for what I believe in on a daily basis. Ruth’s story is also a reminder to me that what we love and want does not come to us overnight. We have to toil and work for our dreams over weeks, months, and years with the support of those who believe in us. She has left a legacy for all women, and I really hope I can do the same one day in my own way.

Sveta: I loved the security that she held. You could tell she truly knew what she believed, she knew herself, and she held that beautifully. It reminded me of the fight we still carry. It’s easy to get downtrodden and tired, but women like RBG remind us to keep going and hold steady. She is a beacon of hope and strength, during a time where we continue to fight for our rights, to be heard, and to hold our own. She refused to give up and so do we.

Sarah: Something that RBG’s story will show you is the importance of having a partner who doesn’t want you to dull your shine. A strong woman shouldn’t feel the need to “calm down” because a partner feels intimidated by her. RBG is charismatic, funny, tough and amazing. Her husband saw all of that and lifted her up and supported her to do whatever she wanted to do. In the documentary she talks about how her husband was the first “boy I knew that cared I had a brain.” He was so confident in himself that he never tried to make her feel less. I hope as women we never feel like we need to be less than what we were meant to be just to make someone else feel secure. We all can learn something from RBG’s story.

Image Source: IMDB

Have you watched RBG? Let us know what you thought!

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