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Meet Our Authors:


We Are Kathy's family is made up of several editors and guest writers.  Each of our contributors brings a unique perspective to the table. We work together to collaborate the most inspirational content possible.


Brasileira, Nurse, Photographer, Flintsone, Sporty Spice.

Jenifer Veloso is a co-founder of We Are Kathy. She wanted to start this project as a way to celebrate her 30th birthday. As a photojournalist and writer, she covers neighborhoods, public health, and social justice and equity for local news outlets. She developed her passion for storytelling while working as a trauma nurse in an emergency department in Flint. She is the daughter of Brasilian immigrants and was the first in her family’s history to be raised in the United States. She has led documentary journalism projects focused on emergency responders, frontline workers, and the empowerment of women. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Flint.




Journalist, Wife, Cat Mama, City Slicker, Giver.

Sarah is a journalist by trade, but now tells stories through different avenues, such as blogs and social media. She believes everyone has a story to tell -- one that can inspire, teach and share empathy. She knows every story has the power to create a bond with a stranger through shared experiences. 


She believes in the magic of life's little moments.


Sarah and her husband were married in downtown Flint in 2016 and bought a house in Flint soon after. Her career as a journalist, writer and communicator has focused on Flint, the people who live there and the community members and organizations working together to strengthen their city and neighborhoods.


Sarah is a self-proclaimed imperfect perfectionist. She loves walking her dogs, traveling and dessert with every meal.


'Po', Mother of Dragons, Spooky, Historian

Hello, I’m known as Alicia, those who love me call me Po. I’m an archaeologist/anthropologist/historian at heart who is currently working towards a MS in Historic Preservation. One could say my life is run by ghosts, I love all things old and ancient and my true calling in the universe is solving puzzles. I thoroughly enjoy being alone, whether at home or out in the world. My goal in life is to have my own pumpkin patch named after my dog and have a wild garden that brings all the creatures to my yard whilst also spooking and intriguing the neighborhood kids. I love science fiction and fantasy novels as well, of course, as a good history book. I just want to know all the things and save all the history for the future. I really don’t like giving someone a verbal impression of myself because expectations are overrated but bigfoot is real and he lives in the UP. 

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