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Artist, Student, Photographer, Soul Searcher.

I’ve never been quite sure how to write ‘about me‘s’. I get clammy with them and suddenly

forget any noteworthy aspect of myself, let alone get past a first sentence that’s supposed have

the capability to spark interest. I guess that sums me up pretty well.


I’m very good at hiding,tucking myself away and avoiding anything that threatens that. Maybe that’s why i’m so drawn to this blog; we don’t have to hide. We get to share our truth, have the opportunity to remain anonymous, yet still tell our story and stand arm in arm with other resilient women.


As a poet, an Artist, and as a Creator of stories, these roles are the backbone and structure of my existence.

I am all for women being able to have a platform to be fully heard and seen.

(side note: i’m a big fan of long drives, coffee, the moon and stars, and burritos.)

Photo Credit: Two Kin Photography



Journalist, Wife, Cat Mama, City Slicker, Giver.

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a wife, cat mom, sister, daughter and friend. I live to share stories. I’m a journalist by trade, but now tell stories through different avenues, such as blogs and social media. I believe everyone has a story to tell -- one that can inspire, teach and share empathy. Or maybe none of those but create a bond with someone else who can relate.


Creating community, finding people who make you a better person, and surrounding yourself with people and moments that allow you to learn is the key to life. I believe in people -- that they can change, grow, love, hurt you but still love you, learn from their mistakes, and make a difference in this world even if they don’t know it. I believe in the little moments.


My husband and I live in Flint, in fact we were married in downtown Flint because we wanted to show off the city we love. I run the Flint Community Cookout that operates the last Saturday of every month and I’ve learned a lot about life from those days.


I’m imperfect. I make mistakes and I overthink pretty much everything. But every day I try my best to breathe more, relax more and simply enjoy the moment. I’m still learning to be an adult, a wife, a professional. I’ll get there one day.


Daughter, Lover, Nurse, Photographer, Hipster.

I was raised as a first generation Brasilian-American in the wild state of Michigan.Growing up my mom walked me to the Flint Public Library in the summer time for book clubs, competitions, and as a way to burn some of my crazy energy.It is because of her bravery and sacrifice as a young female immigrant that during those walks I developed my obsession with the imagery and stories of the underdog, the courageous, and the inspirational.

As an adult I have become a Dedicated Trauma Nurse in an ER that has shown me the ugly and the beauty of humanity in a way I have never known. On my days off I use photography to capture candid moments of humanity to remind me there is still hope.

Some say I am a time wizard, adventure seeker, and hopeless romantic. I crave inspiration, and would love to sit and listen to you talk about your wildest dreams. You can also consider me a World War 2 nut, and in my humble opinion the  best movies ever made are "The Best Years of Our Lives" and "Ever After."

I decided to create this space to help women grow, feel inspired, and share their stories anonymously or non anonymously. I want to cultivate a blog that makes a difference for women.

On the weekends, you'll find me (or not) backpacking deep in the woods with the love of my life.


'Po', Mother of Dragons, Spooky, Historian

Hello, I’m known as Alicia, those who love me call me Po. I’m an archaeologist/anthropologist/historian at heart who is currently working towards a MS in Historic Preservation. One could say my life is run by ghosts, I love all things old and ancient and my true calling in the universe is solving puzzles. I thoroughly enjoy being alone, whether at home or out in the world. My goal in life is to have my own pumpkin patch named after my dog and have a wild garden that brings all the creatures to my yard whilst also spooking and intriguing the neighborhood kids. I love science fiction and fantasy novels as well, of course, as a good history book. I just want to know all the things and save all the history for the future. I really don’t like giving someone a verbal impression of myself because expectations are overrated but bigfoot is real and he lives in the UP.