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Put your money where your heart is: Support Women by Supporting their Businesses

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Product display at Wears Like New | Photo by Jen Veloso

I read a quote once that said read “Friends will ask for discounts. True friends will pay full price to support your time and your work.” Read that again. How do you lift up other women? How do you support their dreams?

I might not have always followed that rule as much as I wish I had, but now more than ever I believe in putting my money where my passions and heart are. I have some extremely smart, creative, hard working women in my life that own their own business. I support them by spreading the news about their business and by SPENDING MY MONEY. I seek out women-owned business, especially those who continue to strengthen and empower other women. Why? Because we all succeed when women succeed in business.

“If more women are in leadership roles, we’ll stop assuming they shouldn’t be.” - Sheryl Sandbert

I love walking into women-owned business. I love seeing the breath of life they brought to that space. And that is why I choose to support them.

Here are some favorite women-owned businesses of the We Are Kathy team (and our friends):

The rose gold Maya Ring from The Akazki Project!

The Akazi Project: Ethical. Handcrafted. Powered by women.

The simple, beautiful jewelry is a must have! We Are Kathy editors Jen and Sarah both have Maya Rings and wear them daily. Jen has a few more pieces. What we love most, is what the company stands for. Each piece is handmade in the U.S. but gems are ethically sourced from Mzimba, Malawi. As a women-owned, the company also employs women in rural villages in the heart of Africa. Check out The Akazi Project here and follow them on Instagram @theakaziproject.

A Bit of Earth, located in the Flint Farmers’ Market

This is a fan favorite of Sveta’s. It’s small, cozy, and has a warmth that always makes her want to come back. They often have products that are advocating for education, the importance of reading, women, LGBTQ pride, etc. Plus, it’s her favorite place to buy crystals. Women-owned, small-business and local for those in the Flint area. Triple threat! Learn more about A Bit of Earth here and follow them on Instagram @a_bit_of_earth_flint.

Wears Like New: A Flint Consignment Boutique

Let’s be honest, all of the We Are Kathy team shops here. It’s not just because we love the owner Amanda and her team. OK, that’s part of it. But who doesn’t want cute, stylish items for a great deal?! The team of women there work extremely hard to not only find trendy items, but if you ask they will help style you! And you can bring in your items to sell too. Win-win. It’s the cutest shop with lots of clothing, accessories and handmade local items to buy. You will want to check it out! Visit their website here and you will for sure what to follow them on Instagram @wearslikenew as they showcase some of the best finds in the store.

Guest blogger Alex’s top picks: Detroit-based Women-owned businesses you can trust

All three of the next featured business have brands that speak to you and it’s obvious the companies take great care to stand behind their brands.

Cream Blends: The body butter is incredibly moisturizing. And even better, it has ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce! They carry skin care products, candles and bath products. View all their products on their website and follow them on Instagram @creamblends.

The Fresher Brand: Aside from the witty sayings and trendy accessories (like the fanny pack) Alex has watched Melody build her brand and use herself to showcase how traditional fashion and urban streetwear can mix comfortably. Take a look at all the clothing and accessories The Fresher Brand sells on the website and follow the brand on Instagram @thefresherbrand.

Alley and Eye: Alex was first drawn to Alley and Eye because it was refreshing to see something that wasn’t just a clothing line. The design styles are trendy and reasonably priced and it got its start in Detroit, MI. Alley and Eye uses three words to describe it’s style -- Edgy, unique, fashionable. See if any of the styles fit your style here and follow them on Instagram @alleyandeye.

R&B Used Books: Bringing back the art and joy of reading

R&B Used Books is a favorite of We Are Kathy’s editor Heather. Located in Grand Blanc, MI, the shop has 12 rooms of books! The owner, Beth, is always kind, down-to-earth, and eager to help you find the perfect book. She constantly works to make her business better. Even without all of that, if you are a bookworm, this is a great way to get books at a quarter of the price as new books. Learn more about R&B Used Books here.

Lotus Sky: Nepal’s only all women “roll on” bracelet company

First off, these bracelets are beautiful. We Are Kathy editor Sarah owns one and she loves it! But the best thing about this company is the business it’s bringing to women in Nepal. The company aims to transform women’s lives with sustainable careers, education and the new fair trade. Bonus, the director of Lotus Sky Jewelry is a Flint Township, MI, native! Learn more about these beautiful, handmade bracelets at or follow them on Instagram

Aliscia Marie Photography: Woman-owned photography business ready to tell your story

We Are Kathy editor Sarah used Aliscia Marie Photography for her engagement photos and loved the story the photos told. Meeting in college, Sarah watched Aliscia build her business from the ground up and tell amazing stories. Check out her blog and website here or follow her on Instagram @alisciamariephoto.

There are so many women-owned businesses we love! Here are just a few more: Brumley & Bloom, SHIFT, Floradora, Vibe Well, RefugeHeart Vintage, and Eight Ten Nail Bar.

Share your favorite women-owned businesses with us!

Written by Sarah Elkins

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