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Flint: The Canvas

There are many narratives when it comes to Flint -- copious amounts of opinions, political debates, and headlines. Flint is often framed negatively, overlooking the true roots and beauty of the city. Yet, there is a history and resilience that runs in these streets deeper than the darkness and brokenness that Flint is too often perceived as.

For having been overlooked, ignored, and devalued for years upon years, the people and the heart of the city is strong. There is a resilience that is undeniable — A canvas of people that believe in their city, in the roots, the history, and the future so deeply and refuse to give up.

I decided to create a collection of pictures made of art, of moments, of the mundane captured around Flint to reframe the broken narrative we often see. There is art running in these streets, in the people, a breathing image of the beauty in this city.

There is art running in these streets, in the people, a breathing image of the beauty in this city.

We are in a season of rapid growth, change, and advancement. It is evident just by walking around downtown and seeing the business uproar in The Ferris Wheel to the Farmers Market and many places in between — This is certainly to be celebrated, to be recognized. But it still is important to remember the people that are often over looked and swept aside. It’s important to recognize the work and labor of people who work multiple jobs just to get by. It’s important to remember that Flint still does not have clean water. We must remember our brothers and sisters who are constantly trying to move forward, to create opportunity and to flourish in trying, painful times. We must remember the history, the reality, and continue to grow and move forward — To pick up our responsibility and continue for the city that deserves it.

These photos do not even begin to encompass all aspects of Flint — But it’s a glimpse. A glimpse into the art and beauty. A mere glimpse into the grit and resilience of the people that makes this city so beautiful.

Written by Sveta Petty

Photos by Sveta Petty

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